Today’s purchased books: Bring Up the Bodies and The Little Book of Ikigai.

Today’s borrowed library books: Japani – Pienoishakuteos Japanista (Japan – A reference book about Japan), The Lady of the Rivers, The Red Queen, Sanojen lahja (The gift of words), and The White Queen.

Today’s movie: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring extended edition, the second half.


This page is turning into a list of books I’ve bought or borrowed, but whatever.

Today I bought four books from an online store. Their names are Gambatte!, Little Women, Meditations, and Wolf Hall.

I also watched some The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring with my brother today.


Today I bought The Hobbit, like I planned on doing yesterday. I also got a free book called Ikigai.


Today I received the three books I ordered online, yay. I also bought two more books: The Lord of the Rings and Pride and Prejudice. It is only now that I realise I should have also bought The Hobbit so I could read it before starting The Lord of the Rings. Well, there’s always tomorrow.


Book fever continues!

I borrowed three books from the library today. They’re called Japani pintaa syvemmältä (Japan beyond the surface), Keisarinnan hovineidon päiväkirja (Sarashina Nikki/The Sarashina Diary), and Temppelin hämärästä matsurin vilinään (From the darkness of the temple to the bustle of the festival).


More books about Japan!

I bought three books from an online store today. They are Japanismin parhaat (Japonisme), Kurkistus viuhkan taakse (A look behind the fan), and Melkein geisha (Almost a geisha).


I bought another book today. It’s called Auringonjumalattaren tyttäret (The daughters of the Sun goddess). It’s about women living in ancient Japan.

I read Shoshin – aloittelijan mieli yesterday. It was only about two hundred pages long with quite a lot of pictures in it, so it didn’t take long to read.

Speaking of books about Japan, The Pillow Book by Sei Shōnagon should be finally released in Finnish in March of next year. It seems to have been delayed a few times; originally it was going to be released back in 2016.


I bought two books today. They’re called Asioita jotka saavat sydämen lyömään nopeammin (Things that make the heart beat faster) and Shoshin – aloittelijan mieli (Shoshin – a beginner’s mind). Both deal with Japan in one way or another.


Today I listened to After Tone and Eau Du Ciel by Takako Okamura.


I ate too much candy.


Man it’s cold in here. It’s the time of year when the weather is gettin colder, but not cold enough for the radiators inside my house to start properly heating the place.


Been working on the site some more today. This time I added a collection of links to other Neocities diaries.


I moved my site to this new address. That’s pretty much all I had time for today.